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Gardener / Flower en Fruit nursery (m/f).

Jobs (depending on the season):

- weeding

- hoeing

- grass mowing

- pruning shrubs and fruit

- digging

- planting

- sowing 1 year olds

- cleaning existing paths to sow grass

- all sort of other gardening jobs (some lighter and some heavier)

We have all kind of jobs; some lighter and some heavier, some requires plant knowledges and some don’t.


  • Enthusiasm

  • Wanting to work outdoors

  • For some jobs is plant knowledge required

  • For some heavier jobs is good physical condition required.


Mowing aid (multiple people searched)

The grass need to be mowed weekly by means of a self-propelled mower.

Also occasionally help is welcome, please sign up.



- mowing grass paths.



- caution both for personal safety (it is a self-propelled machine with sharp knives that need to be handled carefully) as well as for the plants and nettings along the path.

Working hours Gardener and Mowing:

Days and hours in consultation. Possible working hours Tuesday to Friday between 9 and 17 hours, in consultation 1 evening of the week and during the picking season also on Saturdays between 11 and 17 hours.

Mowing only in dry weather and preferably in the morning; so there is no noise during opening hours

All help is welcome, also occasionally an hour.


On offer:

  • A beautiful, green, relaxing place to do volunteer work (at your own pace).

  • A nice team of volunteers to work with. (New) Contacts

  • Explanation of the work by the owner of the garden, but also a high degree of own responsibility.

  • Occasionally a bunch of flowers for your help (during the plowing season).


Interested in one of our vacancies?

If you are interested in any of these vacancies, sign up now or visit the pick-your-own garden to discuss the possibilities or contact me, Petra Lenskens mobile 06-49958208 or by contactform.




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